Who Am I?

A passionate software developer from Scotland who loves techy stuff. Coding is easy, implementing maintainable software decisions is hard

Who Am I?

Build some confidence in me not being a psychitzophrenic maniac


I am a husband and father of two, in the hours between this collosal commitment I am a software developing, football following man child. In all seriousness, software as one of my main hobbies as opposed to a job. Some peple hate the fact we need to re-learn our job every x years, but for me it is one of the benefits of our job, constantly pushing yourself to learn every day with new tech and meeting a learnng from the talented people you work with is a pleasure. Its finding the time that is the real struggle.

I've written code for

The list below is a subset of companies across the financial, retail, power & whisky industries who I have worked with.

Constantly evolving skillset

.Net. dotnet? ...C#

I have been doing writing C# for upwards of ten years or so, I hope to keep writing it for another ten.


I'm a big fan of JS & even more so of TS, these hipsters keep finding new frameworks to ruin them, but I'm staying strong.

Testing & Quality

Acceptance test, unit tests, integration tests, load tests, performance tests, Benchmark.Net are my jam.

Mobile & API

Currently using Xamarin, previously using Ionic. Web API all over the backend.

Azure & AWS

Harnessing the power of the cloud like Thor since Nov 2010. Having build server pain since Dec 2010.

Front end & Node

With the adoption of SASS, Gulp, NPM, yada yada front end is a breeze, plus only mad people use iE anymore.



Its orange, it easy, it's cheap, it's bendy, it's not a TOWIE character, it's our old friend the Umbraco CMS.

A good tradesman never blames his tools

Finding & using the right (or wrong) tool for the job can be a tough part of our job, here are some tools I trust and use every day.

Talk to me

If you want to get in touch or have a chat, I'm up for it, just ping me below and I'll get back to you.

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